Day Price
Week Price
4' x 4' Mini Cart with Gel Holder$50$150
Magliner JR with 10" Wheels 24" Shelves$65$195
Magliner SR with 10" Wheels 24" Shelves$89$267
Rubbermaid Cart$25$75
Combo Stand Cart Mini$50$150
C Stand Cart$15$45
EZ Load Electric Grip Cart w. extension axle$100$300
Generator Armor Cart for 3000watt Generator$40$120
Sand Bag|Muscle Truck$65$195
Stinger Cart$65$195
Magliner Sand Dune Wheel kit (4 wheels)$50$150
Umbrella Kit for Magliner Carts (Canvas, holder)$35$105
All Terrain Sports Wagon w/ Plastic Wheels [Macwagon] 125lb Load$20$60
Beach Caddy with Sand Dune wheels 150lb Load$30$90
Eckla Rolly Gear Cart & Fold Out Cargo Bar * Great for Beach 6lb Load$20$60
Laundry Bin with Wheels (Carry up to 250lbs)$35$105
Flag Box$10$30
Reflector Box$10$30